Stainless Steel Standard Horizontal Storage Tank for Hygienic


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Storage tank can be used for storaging solid powder and liquid such as water treatment, food company, pharmaceuctal.The series of storage tanks are designed made and acceptance inAccordance with steel made pressure.1. Storage tank's head and bottom's type according to material's characteric choose. SS316L or SS304 are all available for applicatino. Jhenten use argon arc welding and use welding stree release machine. Surface finish is for mirror Polish or matt Polish that all meet sanitary requirment2. Nozzle:Liquid level(capacitance typenon-contact supersonic wave typestatic pressure transmission type or glass tube type)air spiraclethermometer(digital indication type or dial plate type)ClP cleaning mouthview lampSIP sterilization mouth, and several liquid inlets and outlets and manholes etc.3. Volume: 600-30000L, and may desige and make according to the requirement of customers.ParametersModelJTRCG-600JTRCG-1000JTRCG-2000JTRCG-3000JTRCG-4000JTRCG-5000Effective volume:L60010002000300040005000TankDiameter:mmΦ900Φ1100Φ1300Φ1600Φ1700Φ1800 Height/Length:mm90010001500150018001800AgitatorPower:kW1. RPM:r/min60(Paddle impeller)(Can adjust the design according to the customer's usage) JTRCG-6000JTRCG-8000JTRCG-10000JTRCG-12000JTRCG-15000JTRCG-20000 6000800010000120001500020000 Φ1900Φ2000Φ2200Φ2400Φ2600Φ2800 200022002400250027003000 60(Paddle impeller)(Can adjust the design according to the customer's usage) The above-mentioned data is the standard. It can be customized according to customer's requirements.

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