Solid Carbide T Slot Milling Cutters


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Product Descriptionsolid carbide t-slot milling cutter1. Our advantages:1. Solid carbide lasting long life in hardened steels. Grain size carbide. high toughness. high -wearing feature.2. Reduce the rudding coefficient & save the processing time. Specializing in high speed cutting of CNC milling machine.3. Wide range of application: Suitable for copper. castiron. carbon steel. stainlees steel. Non-ferrous material and Heat-treated steel processing.4. The shank and helix angle can be customized according to customers' requirements.CODED1L1D2L2DLX017-116181012100X017-216281012100X017-31620581012100X017-4200.5101412100X017-5201.5101412100X017-6202101412100X017-7203101412100X017-8251121616100X017-9252.5121616100X017-10253121616100X017-11255121616100X017-12301151816100X017-13303151816100X017-143041518161002. Speciafication & Preformance:1. Chemical composition: 10%-12%Co-WC2. Physical and machinal properties:Density: 14.10-14.45g/cm3Hardness: 91.5-92.5HRAFlexaral strength: 3500-4000N/mm23. Organizational structure: WC mean Grain size: 0.5-0.6 um4. Raw material:HRC45°- K10HRC50°- K20F/K40FHRC55°- K44FHRC60°- K55SF3. Quality Assure1. Best materials:Our materials are the oriental materials at China and World.China:Zhuzhou. Nanchang. Zi gong. CB of Taiwan.World:Teagutec of KoreaKennametal of America.Guhring of Germany2. The processing equipments:1. Walter CNC machine from Germany2. ANVA CNC machine from Australia3. Strict Test:Strict test is carried out on every procceduce during the whole course of the production. Each product inspected by precision inspected machine.Advanced equipments:1. Guhring detecting instrument from Germany.2. Mitutoyo detecting instrument from Japan.3. PARLEC tool presetter from America.4. Passed ISO 9001: 2000 the quality authentication.5. PACKING1. One piece in a platic pipe. 10 pieces in a group.2. Use the air bubble paper to encase the plastic pipe3. Put the goods encased with air bubble paper in the carton4. Other packing will be accpet accord your needs.6. DeliveryAccording to the quantity. We are located in Changzhou city of Jiansu China. 5 km away formChangzhou Airport and 200 km away form Shanghai. The transportation is very convenient.

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