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LSR injection molding machine for silicone baby care productsMachine Display:Machine Product Display:Product Scope:1. Applicable industries of liquid silicone injection machinesLiquid silicone injection machines are often used in medical care. labor insurance. electronic packaging. adult products. baby products and other industries:1)Liquid silicone daily used products: gloves. cup mat. ice cube tray. menstrual cup and so on.2) Liquid silicone baby products: baby nipple. baby pacifier. baby soother. baby toothbrush. baby silicone bottle. silicone toys. ect.3)Liquid silicone diving & swimming products: swiming supplies. diving supplies4) Liquid silicone medical part: prosthetic. the capsule. laryngeal mask capsule. oxygen mask. protective mast. catheter. balloon. medical belt etc.5)Sex toys/adult products. such as the vibrating spear. sex toy coat. adult supplies etc.6)Electronics and industrial produc: watchband. mobile phone case. valve. O-ring. sealing part. auto parts more.6)Silicone high-voltage cable accessoriesMachine Details:Horizontal machine tonnage: 50-250 tonVertical machine tonnage: 20-300 tonThe horizontal liquid silicone injection machine is suitable for products without insert or manual demoulding. Like nipple. pacifier and so on.The vertical liquid silicone injection machine is suitable for the insert and manual assistance to remove the product. Like cellphone case. breathing mask / protective mask and so on.The throughput is controlled by the electronic ruler of the injection machine. with high precision. fast feeding speed and short time.The injection molding machine can be provided by the customer. We provide liquid silicone feeder for overall connection and transformation. The machine can also be equipped with servo motor. which can save up to 60% of the electricity. Specific to the production cycle per mold calculation.The special screw of liquid silicone can realize the functions of high-efficiency feeding. auxiliary mixing and high-precision and high-pressure injection.Cooperated with the pneumatic valve needle nozzle.there is no dripping or other problem for the nozzle. The machine can be customized according to the customer's requirements; We provide complete production process. 2. Liquid Silicone Machine Parameter  Installable Barrel Size20 L/200LPump System Pump Pressure1.2 T Liquid Silicone Delivery Pressure80 kg/cm2Pump Speed1.8kg/min (the greater the viscosity. the slower the speed)Two-component Delivery Error100:100±0.5% ~ 1�liverable Viscosity1000~1.5 million cpsSingle Throughput300g Material Storage Time after Output15seconds (the greater the viscosity. the longer the time. )Output Start - up MethodAutomatic control of injection machineOutput Volume Control MethodAutomatic control of electronic ruler of injection machine  Power Voltage three phases 380 V/ two phases 220VAir Pressure0.6~0.8 MPASelf-cleaning Mediumkerosene or white gas or volatile solutionAutomatic Cleaning Wastage 2~3kg solution and 0.5kg siliconeHybrid Tube Length280mmExternal Dimension1.2*1.2*1.6 mMachine Weight about 380 kgWhole process vacuum high-pressure transportRigid metering system: the proportions are two-component silicone regular proportion like: 1:1;10:1;100:2 and so on  3.Color Paste Transporting System     material addition adopts the method of A B color paste simultaneous transport. accurate and reliable;     48 consecutive hours of production without any interruption;     After the static initial mixing. the injection machine feeding screw is mixed dynamically.     Solid color silicone products. translucent silicone products will have better effect.     No injection marks. no traces of stirring unevenly. no color difference between products. 4. Automatic cleaning system     The latest development of machine automatic cleaning system;      It solves the problem of easy solidification of mixer and screw after stop      It is more economical. more reliable and less time consuming than the traditional method of filling with a single component of silicone.     The mixer. screw and nozzle can be cleaned synchronously with one key. and the whole process takes about 3 minutes.     Each cleaning loss of silicone is 0.5-0.8kg (subject to the size of screw rod)  Our Factory:We are specialized in the design and production of Liquid Silicone Rubber (LSR) Injection Molding Machine and Liquid Silicone(LSR) Injection Mold for more than 10 years. Guangzhou Silicone Rubber Injection Machine Co.. Ltd. since it is established in 2009. has been committed to the improvement and integration of the research. development. production and technology of liquid silicone molding machine. It is the silicone rubber machinery industry leading technology enterprises.     We keep learning. summarizing and updating. have improved and upgraded the machine structure and control program. thus greatly improved the all the performances of the liquid silicone feeder machine. which makes the viscosity range wider. the speed faster and the accuracy more accurate. In injection. we cooperate with big injection machine manufacturers and develop professional injection tube screw and injection system assembly according to the characteristics of liquid silicone. which can meet the high requirement of injection.      Besides. we stick to the liquid silicone rubber industry. and developed the coating machine. fiber casing coating machine. silicone rubber roller injection machine. all kinds of injection machine. dip molding machine. among which the fiber casing coating machine has obtained the national patent. We will continue to delve into silicone rubber industry. further improve our product line. constantly adapt to market demand and the requirements of emerging industries.FAQQ1. Are you a manufacturer A1. Yes. we are a professional silicone rubber machinery industry leading technology enterprises in China. We are in this industry for more than 10 years already. Q2. What kind of machines you can do A2. We can do almost all types of machines for all kinds of the silicone rubber products. Like liquid silicone injection molding machine. liquid silicone coating machine and so on. We also make liquid silicone injection mold and silicone rubber products. Q3. Can you design new product for us A3.Yes. we have professional R&d team to design new products according to your requirement.We keep delving into silicone rubber industry. further improving our product line. constantly adapt to market demand and the requirements of emerging industries.Q4. What is the warranty for the injection molding machineA4. 12 monthsQ5. Can you send engineer for installation and training A5. Yes.our after - sales service team provide equipment installation and debugging. personnel training. assistance trial production and other after - sales follow-up services. so that customers have no worries. Also. Our engineers will bring the information covering the latest developments and trend in equipment. mould. injection techniques and injection materials. Extend the knowledge in the field of liquid silicone molding.Contact Us:

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