LCD/LED Single and Double Head Ocf Acfbonding Machine 616dh LCD TV Tamir Machine


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Model NO.616DHUse LCD Screen RepairTab BondingOther Name LCD Repair Bonding MachinePeak Power1500WVoltageAC220VHot Pressing TimeCan Be Set (S)Work Pressure0.3~0.4 (MPa) Machine Shape Size1800(L)X1200(W)X1520(H)mmPeak Temperature / - 0.3 Degrees CelsiusWeight450kgThe system control is: DELTA - PLC control (single)Production parameters have store brands on the market are samsung. LG. sharp. chi mei. auo. huaxing photoelectric. Hitachi. hanyu display. Huasheng. Zhonghua etc. Four different temperature set points starting temperature. the temperature of the first paragraph. the second section temperature. cooling temperature.PLC and touch screen communication. can according to production needs to extend the production process automatic control function. System automatically detect. abnormal alarm display function. make the equipment maintenance more quickly. The stability control is: Panasonic - TC2Imported temperature sensing line and Panasonic's newest chips (TC2) make more accurate temperature control. with fast heating time. temperature precision higher characteristic. and add heating curves and parameters of synchronous display. The operating interface is: WV full-color PDA (single communication)6.5 -inch intelligent man-machine interface. programmable controller (PLC) control system. make the equipment operation is stable and reliable. Heating method: pulse heating modeFast heating/cooling and auxiliary cooling function. High quality titanium alloy head. automatic temperature compensation function. make the temperature more accurately. High precision counterpoint: micrometer counterpointEquipped with advanced optical alignment system. fully satisfy the product clear counterpoint and production of precision. para X. Y. Z axis adjustment adopts high-precision micrometer regulator. slippery course synchronous operation. ensure that para a higher precision.19 inches large screen display contrapuntal line electrode. makes the registration faster. more generous appearance. The size of the maintenance and brand:Unlimited size and the screen card TFT LCD. LED screen. TAB. COG and PCB bonding.616DH models is exclusively to domestic original installed after-sales service and a number of patented products.Features:1.Repair any inches below 100 inches.2.Refurbish black belt. the black line. the color line. ribbons. multi-line. flower screen. black screen. white show. caused by FPC/TAB/COF.3.Pulse heating precision /-0.3ºC4.From room temperature to 180 degrees response time for 2 seconds5.Plane precision (hot-pressing side) : 0.005 mm6. low repair rate. and easy to operate. Model number616DHHeating ModePulsePID Temperature Control System BrandSiemens temperature control moduleTemperature curve:Factory ResetPeak temperature   / - 0.3 degrees CelsiusFrom room temperature to 180 degrees response time for 2 secondsBrand:the United State OMEAGHeat Press HeadMaterials: titanium alloyPlace of origin: the United StatesPlane precision (hot-pressing side) : 0.005 mmIndustrial Control UnitPLCS:DELTAHDMI:Weinview Imaging Unit COF counterpoint: under counterpoint (optical path: lens>quartz>ITO electrode COF package)PCB counterpoint: noMicroscope magnification: 20 ~ 100 consecutive timesNumber of lens: 2COF counterpoint display: 19 inchPCB counterpoint display:noLight above:yesLight down:noCOF Trimming UnitPlace of origin: TaiwanType of guide rail:V guide railAccuracy: 0.01Adjustable direction: X/Y/RX-y range:   / - 6.5mmR range:coarse adjustment 360 degrees. fine adjustment   / - 5 degreesCOF FixtureMechanical clamping fixture way.Z to tilt radius can be adjusted/ Adjustable horizontal angel/COF can be extendedLens Fine-Tuning UnitType of guide rail: precise cross rail .Control mode: X - Y - Z micrometer controlPosition Detection NOSilicone Skin/TeflonChange position manuallyLCD Drive (Platform)Sliding or fixed optional manuallyAlarm Abnormal:temperature/thermocouple anomaly/actionsHeat Seal Head CounterpointIndependent pneumatic.Pressure reducing valve be adjusted manuallyControl WayTouch screen   button operationParameter SettingAccording to the need to set to storage more groups of hot-pressing parametersVoltageAC220 vPeak Power1500WWeight450kgSize Of Machine (mm)1800(L)X1200(W)X1520(H)mmWhat's the payment and delivery time Payment: Terms EXW/FOB/CIF. by T/T. 100% deposit in advance (Recommend). Or 50% deposit and 50% paid before deliveryDelivery time: About one week.How about the warranty Usually we provide 1 year standard warranty and whole life technical support.How about the training We provide two training method: factory training and video training.More detail please see here: TrainingHow you packing the machine when shipping LCD TV Repair Bonding Machine PackageHow can I install the machine after I received Here is a video of 616DH disassembly procedure. You can refer to it and do the opposite procedure.↓616DH Specification--Single Head Manual platform Automatic Pressure Machine1) Equipment Model Number:616DH (Single Head)2) Device Description :Repair screen machine / Bonding machine3) Device Uses :FPC. COF.TAB. LCD Panel and PCB combination bonding4) Applicable LCD panel specifications :7″-100″5) Applicable LCD panel thickness :0.3MM-1.1MM[Single glass]6) Bonding IC number :Multiple / Panel Can be set7) Bind direction :X or Y Unidirection8) Bonding IC size :Replaceable blade according to IC specifications (The original machine is equipped 50X1.4)9) Device processing time :TFT.3.8S/chip10) Production Beats :TAB.100 pcs/H11) Bonding Accuracy :Within ± 1.5μm (support 4K screen)12) Highest positioning accuracy setting :±0.5μm (Currently domestic the highest index)13) Equipment requirements the work environment :Clean. No dust. Clean room14) Supply Pressure :0.3~0.5Mpa (Dry air source)15) Power Supply :AC 220V±10%.50HZ.1500W16) Heating Type :Pulse (rapid heating / cooling and auxiliary cooling function)17) PID Temperature Control System :Brand: DELTAThe peak temperature : within /- 0.3 degrees CelsiusRoom temperature time to 180 degrees the response time within 2seconds18) Hot pressing head :Materials: Japan Titaniumorigin: United States 50*1.4Plane precision (hot press side) :0.001mmPlane thickness 0.5 (Reserved 3 times grinding)19) Thermocouple Type :K type Original US OMEGA wire20) Industrial control units / Programmer :DELTA PLC FX-C14T21) Image unit :Panasonic image processing systemCOF counterpoint: down counterpointPCB counterpoint : haveNumber of lenses : 2Microscopy: 30-120 Continuous zoomCOF Display: 19-inch HD X2PCB counterpoint the display : noUpper light source : haveDown light source : have22)COF trimming unit :Origin: TaiwanRail Type: U-rail (2056 high)Accuracy : 0.01Adjustable direction :X/Y/RR Itinerary : Coarse 360 degrees. fine tuning /- 5 degrees23)COF Fixture : COF mechanical clamping type. Z tilt radius micrometer trimming24) Lens spinner unit :Control mode: X / Y / Z micrometer controlFocus Adjustment: Manually adjust the focus25) Position detection : None26) Silicone / Teflon :Manual switching position27) LCD stage (platform) :Manual sliding or fixed optional .automatic stage can be customized28) Alarm device :Pressure abnormal/ temperature anomalies / thermocouple abnormal / action abnormal29) Hot press head counterpoint :Cylinder stop can be set at any position in the vertical direction30) Control mode :Touch screen button operation Using Taiwan's Wei Lun touch screen dual-core31) Parameter setting :According to the need to set up Store multiple sets of hot pressing parameters32) Rated voltage :180-220 (customizable 110V)33) Peak power :400-1500W 34) Maximum power :1500W35) Actual power :580W36) Body size :1800X1200x1520mm(L*W*H)37) Machine weight :450KGWith 616DH. we provide the accessories below for free.They are almost all the accessories needed by ACF/COF/TAB repairing. means no need buy other extra accessories.No.NameModel No.QuantityUnitSpecificationRemark1Single Head Bonding Machine616DH1SetSingle Head 2ACF Anisotropic Conductive FilmAC-7206U-181Piece1.2X50MGlass special3ACF Anisotropic Conductive FilmAC-2056R-351Piece2.0X50MPCB special4Acetone LiquidBT-H11Bottle500ML 5Absolute AlcoholCH3CH2OH2Bottle500ML 6ACF Removing LiquidG-4501Bottle500ML 7Hitachi Blue Glue 1Bottle100ML 8Fuji Silicone 1Piece50M 9Teflon 1Piece50M 10Heating Solder Iron 1Piece30W 11Alcohol Bottle 2Bottle  12TAB Cutter 1Piece  13Optical Microscope 1Piece  14LCD Test BoardHXV591Piece  15Air CompressorOTS7501Piece Mute Oil-free16Cleanroom Wipers 1Piece  17Cotton Swab 1Piece  18Handheld Magnifier 1Piece  19Precision TweezersElbow. Straight2Piece High Hardness Hyperfine

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