Impact Hammer Mill for (PCC) Precipitated Calcium Carbonate


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CJM-Q Impact mill is according to the need of light calcium carbonate industry. developed on the basis of our innovative nanometer calcium depolymerization machine. It has the characteristics of non-stick powder. low cost. less maintenance.The complete system is mature and reliable.The practice proved that CJM-Q ultrafine crusher has following advantage:Improve product stability.Increase settlement volume0.3~0.8The principle of depolymerization is more advanced 5Ton/hThrough hot wind SpecificationCJM-1000QCJN-1200QDifferencewhithout hot windInject hot windFilters(pc)9*29=2619*29=261CollectionOffline soot cleaningOffline soot cleaningRPM(r/minRotary wheel<1500<1500Classifier<1500<1500Power(kw)Main motor4545Classifier1515Blower motor5555Total115115output(kg/h)2200~30003000~3500FeatureImprove product stabilityIf using windflow screen to grade. to prevent the screen rupture resulting in the leakage of powder running thick. it is necessary to continuously carry out artificial detection fineness. With the increase of workers' recruitment and labor costs. this problem has become a big problem for the light calcium enterprises. And the Samhar light calcium carbonate mill use the classifier to adjust the fineness. so don't worry about the loose powder running thick problem.Increase settlement volumeBecause the Samhar PCC (Light Calcium Carbonate)) Ultrafine Pulverizer have unique pulverizing and dispersing and grading structure. it overcomes the light and sticky problem of light calcium powder. so the powder is good and uniform to use Samhar light calcium mill. In practice is proved that the light calcium powder made by Samhar light calcium grinding are better in fine degree. narrow in grain size distribution. no coarse particle pollution. and the settlement volume is increased by 0.3 ~ 0.8.The principle of depolymerization is more advancedShattered impeller itself can not only to scattered pieces of powders. and play the role of fan. the wind spin. countless strong vortices. collide with each other and make powder in large space fully depolymerization. This has three advantages. one is to improve the product quality. the fine degree is better without damaging the powder; Second. save energy and increase production by more than 2 times. The third is to reduce the loss of vulnerable parts such as impeller. saving cost.Can through hot wind(CJM-1000QX)In the process of crushing scattered can pass into the hot wind. If without conditions through hot wind can also make hot wind fan out through returns to the wind inlet pipe. forming high temperature circulation wind. reused without loss of heat energy. and keep the heat of the system at a high temperature. The crushing cavity volume is larger. the powder in the process of crushing scattered. further drying on the one hand. reduce the water content. on the other hand can reduce the pressure of the drying case. improve the efficiency of drying.FAQ1.what is kind of the raw material do you want to process  2.what is the capacity per hour do you require 3.what is the raw material input size  4.what is the output size or micronize(μm)of your final powder product Tech SupportUpon sales confirmation. we will offer the following technical services: 1. Design for your production line flow and equipment layout. free of charge; 2. Provide foundation drawings of customer-   ordered grinding mills and drawings of related parts. etc; 3. Technical parameters of peripheral equipment will be supplied; 4. Free technical suggestions on adjusting of equipment layout and application;5. Equipment upgrading (customers need to pay the cost);Quality Assurance1. Strictly conforming to ISO9001-2000 quality management system; 2. Strict control from purchasing inspection. process inspection to final proofing; 3. Established several QC departments to execute quality control regulations; 4. Detailed quality control examples:   (1) Complete files for quality control and quality feedback;   (2) Strict inspection for the components of our grinding mills. to assure products free of damage and avoid rust-eaten and paint peeling off later on.   (3) Only qualified components will be assembled and total equipment must be inspected completely before sale.After Sale Service1. We will send our technician to the site for guiding equipment installation and commissioning. 2. During the installation and commissioning. we offer operator training service. 3. The quality assurance date is one year after commissioning. And after that. we will collect the cost if provide repairing for your equipment. 4. Maintenance for equipment failure caused by improper handling (appropriate cost will be collected). 5. We offer the components with favorable price and perdurable maintenance. 6. If equipment repairing is needed after quality assurance date is expired. we will collect maintenance cost.

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