High Temperature Resistant High Gradient Dry Electromagnetic Separator


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High temperature resistant high gradient dry electromagnetic separatorProduct Introduction:GDF series electromagnetic dry powder magnetic separator used for Removal of feeble magnetic oxides in non-metallic mineral materials such as ceramics. glass. refractories. etc. It can also be used in pharmaceutical. chemical. food and other industries for material purification.There are two outlet at the bottom of the equipment : iron outlet and materials outlet Each equipment all equipped an electro control cabinet.ModelStandardHigh strength magnetic force GDF-150  GDF-250  GDF-300  GDF-150H  GDF-250H  GDF-300H Capacity (T/H)5152051520Weight (kg)20040045080012001400Filter Net Outer Diameter (mm) 145245295145245295 Filter Net sheet Number131515131515Insulation Oil Amount (L) 185050607070Control Panel Size (mm) 300*400*540350*500*600Technical Features:1.Wipe off fine materials that are not easy to circulate: under the effect of the vibration motor. the material. which is ≥ 200mm or with high humidity. can go throng the screen mesh.2.Processing the material with high temperature: the standard model can processing material with up to 70 centigrade and the special model can process the material with higher temperature.3. Easy installation: you can install the equipment in any way. as long as the frame is safe and stable.4.Cleaning the magnetic filtering net easily: laying a plate at the discharging pole. and at the same time. turn off the power to erase the magnetism for the cleaning operation.5. Separating the iron pollution and the material totally: the material definitely has no way to go into the separating chamber.6.Simple connection : during operation .the host vibration . The input and output of raw materials can be connected by external pipes or canvas bags .Working principle:Application:Its interior adopts a unique magnetic circuit design. using high-performance permanent magnet Nd-Fe-B material as magnetic source. It has strong magnetic field. high suction and high iron absorption rate. It has the characteristics of maintenance-free. energy-saving. safe and reliable use. It can adjust and control the feed rate. and is suitable for the requirements of different particles.Products are widely used in abrasive tools. refractories. non-metallic mineral processing. carbon black. grain. feed. chemical raw materials and other industries.

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