Fine Quartz Stone Silica Sand Making Machine Used in Mining


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fine quartz stone silica sand making machine used in mining1. Process flow of  GZS series quartz slab sand making production lineThis product is the new quartz slab sand production line developped by our company through several years' practices.Working principle:Materials with less than 300mm entered the feeding inlet via the feeder. Then they will enter the grinding sieve from feeding outlet; Coarse substances after screening will return into grinding machine.And reasonable product are taken into sizing screen via lifting machine. they will be screened to various size of product. All the milling processing is equipped with dust collector. No pollution all the processing.It can make directly materials with 300mm to qualified products with 4-120 mesh. The advantages are as follows: First.Reduce process flow;Second .Decrease the consume of the equipment ;Third .Improve the purity of the materials and Optimize design ;Fourth.Produce the various size of substances according to customer's requirements. 2. Technical ParameterModelCylinder Diameter (mm)Cylinder Length(mm)Main Engine Power(kw)Total Power(kw)Rotational SpeedFeeding Size(mm)Product Size(mesh)Capacity(t/h)GZS1725Φ170025003040Fixed or speed control≤ 3004-2000.5-1.0GZS1925Φ190025004555Fixed or speed control  ≤ 3004-2001.0-2.0GZS1930Φ190030004555Fixed or speed control  ≤ 3004-2001.5-2.0GZS2125Φ210025005570Fixed or speed control  ≤ 3004-2001.5-2.5GZS2130Φ210030005570  Fixed or speed control≤ 3004-2002-4GZS2445Φ240035007590  Fixed or speed control≤ 3504-2004-6GZS2640Φ2600400090120Fixed or speed control  ≤ 3504-2005-103.Technical Features1.The sand production rate is high the scientific output structure rate of finished products up to 95%.2. It's international standard production line. And we can design and produce it according to customer's detailed requirements. The whole production line works steady and reliable.3. It can be operated easily. And it can be designed as PLC automatically controlling. from grind to classifier to pack. the whole process is automatically controlled to reduce labor to save cost4. The vanes of classify impeller are made of macromolecule wear resistant material which solves the hard problem of abrasion of classify impeller.5. The whole production process was going on with advanced wear resistant defending. The inner layer of ball mill can be made of ceramic or quartz. And choose ceramic ball or quartz ball as grind medium. The whole classify system takes potsherd defending so that the whole production don't touch metal to guarantee the product's purity and prolong the equipments' service time.

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