Diesel Engine Hydraulic System River Cleaning Boat for Sale


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Diesel Engine Hydraulic System River Cleaning Boat for Sale1.General Introduction of JULONG Aquatic Trash Skimmer or Aquatic Weed HarvestersJULONG aquatic weed harvesters (or water weed harvesters. or aquatic trash skimmers) are usually used in river. lake. reservoir and coasts for cutting. collecting. storing and transporting waterweeds and floating garbage. The harvester can not only cut and collect all kinds of aquatic weeds. reeds. water hyacinth. but also collecting garbage. leaves and other waste in water. All of the equipment can work automatically and can save much labor force for its high efficiency. It is driven by hydraulic system and operated by one person. with the characteristic of simple structure. flexible movement and easy operation. which makes it an important environment friendly machine in water cleaning.2. General Parameters for reference (Customized design is available)1ModelJLGC-10222Total Vessel Length14.0m3Total Vessel Width4.5m4Total Vessel Height2.8m5Pontoon Length7.5m6Pontoon Width3.5m7Pontoon Height1.1m8Cutting Width2.2m9Cutting Depth1.0m10Draft(Light/Fully Loaded)0.4/0.6m11Loading Capacity5 tons12Power75KW13Driving SystemPaddle Wheel3. Collecting Range Seabed Aquatic PlantWater HyacinthDuckweedEnteromorphaFloating Algae Hybrid FloaterReedAlligator Weed Cyanophyta Aquatic VinesKelpFloating Garbage 4. Optional Equipment for Aquatic Trash Skimmer/ Aquatic Weed Harvester5. Packing. Delivery & Shipment-  Disassembled into Containers (40ft HC)-  Transported by Trucks/ Bulk Cargo Ships6. Why Choose Julong -  Customized designs is available according to clients project reqirement. We have our own design team and also support from China ship design institutes and professional colleges. -  All our workders are skilled and have rich experience in the ship design for many years. -  Reputed sprae parts wll used. like the world famous Cummins engine. Siemens PLC control system. Vikers hydraulic pump and so on. -  Every finished product will be tested before delivery to assure the product run smoothly. -  The aquatic weed harvesters are dismountable. which can be disassembled and assembled easily. Thus it can be transported more conveniently by road. rail. water. -  Professional engineers will be sent to project site to help assemble. debugging. testing and training. 7. Julong Certificates8. Customers' Visit at JulongWelcome to Julong for inspection of different products and business negotiation.

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